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Fight Diseases With Tissue-Targeting Platform By Design


Rezubio Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd is a biotech company founded by veterans from large pharmaceutical company with rich experiences in medicinal chemistry and biology / pharmacology.   Our company currently focuses on technologies to deliver drugs to the diseased tissues or organs, maximizing the desired efficacies while minimizing the adverse effects.  Rezubio has established a 500-m2 research center, including biology and chemistry laboratories, in the beautiful Hengqin County, Zhuhai City of Southern China.  As our internal capabilities at Rezubio Research Center are being built up in Zhuhai, our research programs are also advancing rapidly and efficiently at our collaborating CROs ​in other areas. Our mission is to discover and develop innovative medicines to meet the needs of patients in China and worldwide.

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Rezubio Research Center

Leadership Team

The leadership team of Rezubio combines established track record of cutting-edge scientific innovation in medicinal chemistry and disease biology / pharmacology, as well as successful entrepreneurial experience.

Yusheng Xiong, PhD
President and CEO


Dr. Xiong graduated from Wuhan University in China and pursued his PhD of Organic Chemistry as a fellow of the China-U.S. Chemistry Graduate Program (CGP) in the University of California, Los Angeles under the China-US Chemistry Graduate Program (CGP).  After a postdoctoral research in University of Chicago, he joined the Central Research Lab of Mobil Corp at Princeton studying Olefin polymerization.  In 1995, he moved to Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (MSD) as medicinal chemist working on various drug discovery programs. As a director of Medicinal Chemistry, he led many programs at various stages of development and covering multiple disease areas.  His work contributed to several clinical compounds that successfully finished phase 2 trials, and many publications and issued patents.

Hong-Ping Guan, PhD

Dr. Guan graduated from Peking University Health Sciences Center (Beijing Medical University) in China. He received his PhD degree of Pharmacology from University of Pennsylvania in 2004. He was awarded the Pfizer Fellow of the Life Sciences Research Foundation during his postdoctoral research at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas with the Nobel Laureates. He worked in the cardiometabolic disease department of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (MSD) for 7 years. During his career at Merck, Dr. Guan led multiple research programs in preclinical and clinical stages for different indications, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and NASH. His work had been published on Science, Nature Medicine, Genes and Development, Cell Metabolism, JBC, and JLR, etc. 

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